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LESSON 1 - THE POWER TO CHOOSE - / Influence / React vs. Respond / Locus of Control / Vision: The Power to Choose
LESSON 2 - RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITIES - In Search of Opportunity / Problems are Opportunities /Simple Solutions / Opportunistic Adaptation / Prior Work Experience / Enthusiastic and Somewhat Inexperienced / Inventor as Entrepreneur / Fatal Assumptions
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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

The introductory lesson offers a brief overview of the eight life lessons, an introduction to several of the Ice House Entrepreneurs as well as a look beneath the surface to examine some of the most commonly held myths about what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. We’ll also introduce some basic concepts about entrepreneurship that are essential to understand.

  • What You Will Learn A brief description of each of the eight life lessons.

  • Introduction to the Ice House Entrepreneurs We’ll introduce several of the Ice House Entrepreneurs who will describe in their own words the opportunities they found, the challenges they faced and the valuable lessons they learned along the way.

  •  Unraveling the Mystery Are entrepreneurs born with a unique ability or is entrepreneurship something that we can learn? We’ll examine the myths and explore the reality of what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Mindset Defined What exactly is a mindset? The mindset may be the most important aspect of entrepreneurship, yet it may also be the most often overlooked and widely misunderstood. We’ll define the term in a way that is actionable to an aspiring entrepreneur.